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Timeless Souls

For Those Of Us Who Dream of Traveling Through Time

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost
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Do you think that you don't belong here in 2005? Do you think that you'd fit in better in the 1800s, or the early 1900s, or back in ancient Greece or Rome or anywhere else but where you are now?

Then join! Talk about it with other people who think the same thing!

Just please:

1. Be respectful to everyone. No insulting choices of where people would like to be and all. You can discuss things like that-- "Why would you want to live there?" and that sort of thing, but be nice about it. Don't go "OMG, lyke that was such a bad time and omg it was awful" and things like that. Be intelligent in your conversation/debates.

2. Smiley faces are appreciated, but not tYpInG LyKe tHiS because that's really hard to read. ^_^

3. No swearing. If you really need to swear in your post, keep it PG. Lots of people don't like to read profanity, so please remember that in your posting. Remember, people of all ages could read this-- Keep that in mind with what you post.

4. And finally... POST! That's the point of this community-- to talk to other people who like to talk about time travel and that sort of thing. Ask questions relating to time travel theories, world lines, various centuries... Start discussions, and have fun with it! No one will kill you for asking a dumb question or anything.

That said, join! Post an introduction once you do so we all know who you are and what not. Thanks much!